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Compuware updates QA, diagnostics monitoring tools

Compuware has extended its testing tool to work with Visual Studio Team System and has added diagnostics monitoring to its performance management product.

Category: Application Testing

Description: Compuware announced updates to two of its application testing products at Tech Ed 2006.

DevPartner Studio 8.1 uses Visual Studio 2005 Team System to extend collaboration between development, application delivery and quality assurance (QA) groups. For example, when someone on the QA team enters a work item into VSTS, code analysis data appears behind it, giving developers a bug report for that work item.

"We're certainly going to integrate more and more into Team System. There's a ton of opportunities of things you can do to ease the pain of QA organizations or development organizations," said Ken Cowan, product manager of DevPartner Product Management Technology at Compuware.

The company also updated Vantage, it application performance management product. Version 9.9 introduces Vantage Analyzer for .NET, which offers "deep dive diagnostics and performance monitoring," Cowan said. (Compuware already makes this functionality available for J2EE applications.) Vantage Analyzer takes the level of profiling used in QA tools and applies it to production, letting developers get as specific as the SQL statement that is causing problems in an application, he added.

Vantage 9.9 also offers an automated performance analysis tool; this generates reports for a specific task or transaction, with copies going to the network engineer, the application developer, the server administrator and so on.

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