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Windows Developments: Product news, June 2006

This month's roundup of recent product releases includes charting components, a performance tester and a database-application connector. introduces Windows Developments, a monthly sampling of recent products and product news in the ever-active Windows space. These products are aimed at Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET developers. This month's 11 featured products run the gamut from charting components to performance testers to database-application connectors. If you have a product release or upgrade to announce, send us an e-mail.

Category: Application testing

  • QALoad 5.5 tester boasts better reporting, improved wizards
    Compuware introduced the QALoad 5.5 performance tester, a wizard-driven automated test suite that includes a parameterization wizard that reduces scripting complexity.

    Category: Database tools

  • DataDirect connects databases to .NET applications
    Built entirely on managed .NET code, DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 3.0 gives developers the performance, security and scalability advantages of running applications in the CLR.

    Category: Components

  • ComponentOne release includes suite of Ajax-enabled ASP.NET components
    Studio Enterprise 2006 v2 from ComponentOne includes Ajax-enabled components, new charting features, and productivity enhancements.

  • Charting for .NET offers virtualization, new chart types
    Nevron Chart for .NET provides data visualization components for displaying dynamic charts with both raster and vector graphics.
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  • ComponentArt offers charting for WinForms, Web apps
    ComponentArt Charting for .NET version 2006.1 lets developers create 3D charts bound to data sources like XML structures, SQL databases and .NET arrays.

  • NetAdvantage 2006 provides presentation layer enhancements
    NetAdvantage 2006 version 1 from Infragistics allows developers to add a variety of presentation layer enhancements to ASP.NET, Windows Forms and Tablet PC applications.

  • Component for reading CSV data Summary: JDP Group has released KBCsv, a .NET library for reading and writing Comma Separated Value, or CSV, data.

    Category: Developer Life Cycle Tools

  • TeamPlain offers Web interface to Visual Studio Team System
    TeamPlain Web Access allows users to submit new bugs and tasks, list work items assigned, view project status reports, and access shared files in source control repositories.

  • ReSharper 2.0 brings unit test, refactoring to .NET 2.0
    JetBrains' ReSharper 2.0 adds a number of features to the Visual Studio IDE, such as error highlighting, error correcting and refactoring.

    Category: Tools and Platforms

  • Verio offers site hosting for Windows Web apps, developer labs
    Verio's Shared Hosting for Windows 2003 lets enterprises host Web applications that consist of up to 30 domains and 40 GB of disk space. Accounts with Verio also give developers access to the company's Windows Labs.

    Category: Office and Client Development

  • Lucid Spec targets app simulation
    Elegance Technologies has released Lucid Spec 1.3, a Windows application that helps prototype and describe user interfaces.

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