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QALoad 5.5 tester boasts better reporting, improved wizards

Compuware introduced the QALoad 5.5 performance tester, a wizard-driven automated test suite that includes a parameterization wizard that reduces scripting complexity.

Category: Application testing

Description: Compuware Corp. introduced the QALoad 5.5 performance tester, a wizard-driven automated test suite. Features include a parameterization wizard that simplifies the creation of rules that define required modifications to data within transactions, thus reducing scripting complexity.

"Without load testing, it's impossible to verify an application can handle the user load," said Mark Eshelby, Compuware Quality Solutions product manager. "The goal with this product is to simplify the practice."

When it comes to testing developers' code, failures can often be uncovered immediately, causing code to be rewritten. But this can mean a whole new set of test scripts must be created as well. With the latest release of QALoad, this task is eased, said Eshelby.

Like many things today, this product can be applied to Web apps that employ the increasingly popular Ajax methods.

"When we capture a [Web] transaction, there are lots of stateful objects passed around. These are typically hand-scripted. Now you can automatically find them and replace them," said Eshelby. By using rules that reside at an abstraction level above scripts, testers don't have to be versed in the underlying scripting language. (Compuware's test scripts are written in C++.)

Also available in QALoad are reporting enhancements that include templates for analyzing results, low-level transactional analysis, and quick identification and analysis of poorly performing code.

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