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Our latest podcast summarizes the MIX06 Web developers' conference and Microsoft's latest patterns & practices Summit. We also peer through a "Window" into Apple.'s second podcast focuses on two recent events of interest to developers. First, site editor Jack Vaughan reports on Microsoft's recent patterns & practices Summit. With .NET moving toward object-oriented programming, there's a lot to learn about design patterns. Vaughan also hands the mic to author and consultant Billy Hollis, who discusses the essential value of VB, and how it is playing out in VB2005.

Eastwood then offers perspective on MIX06, Microsoft's Web developers and designers show in Las Vegas. The focus here was Atlas and Windows Presentation Foundation, which address the task of creating better UI with less hard coding.

Finally, Vaughan comments on news from Apple, which recently announced that, yes, you can now run Windows on a Mac. Easier said than done, however.

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Read about the topics discussed in this podcast:

News from MIX06:

  • WPF covers browsers and beyond
  • Microsoft unleashes Atlas at MIX06
  • Read all our coverage of MIX06

    News from patterns & practices:

  • Mash-ups, Web 2.0 and developer empowerment
  • Toolkits, CAB and workflows
  • Neward on communication design patterns

    Missing Link: An Apple with "Windows" inside?

  • Dig Deeper on ASP.NET and Ajax development

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