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From Ajax to Visual Studio,'s learning guides cover the topics most important to .NET developers. Explore these key resources here.'s Learning Guides offer an array of articles, tips, downloads and other resources on topics that matter to .NET developers -- migration from VB to .NET, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, VB 2005, testing and debugging and Ajax. These Learning Guides are updated regularly, so be sure to visit this page often for the latest information.

  Choosing VB.NET or C#
One of the biggest questions facing Visual Basic 6 developers is whether to make the jump to C# or to VB.NET. The languages are very similar, but there are enough differences that one should think carefully before choosing one or the other -- or both. This Learning Guide aims to make the process of choosing your next .NET language easier.
  • Click here to read the Choosing VB.NET or C# Learning Guide
  •   Visual Studio 2005 Team System
    Is your software team drowning in process complexity and cumbersome reporting? Learn about team collaboration tools in Visual Studio 2005 Team System for managing and tracking the entire development lifecycle. No matter if you're a project manager, architect, developer, tester or database professional, this updated learning guide has you covered.
  • Click here to read the Visual Studio 2005 Team System Learning Guide
  •   ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas)
    ASP.NET AJAX, until recently known by its code name, Atlas, marks Microsoft's foray into the ever-growing Ajax framework market. Simply put, this new environment for building Web applications puts Ajax at the front and center of the .NET Framework. This Learning Guide introduces developers to ASP.NET AJAX with a plethora of tips, tutorials and webcasts.
  • Click here to read the ASP.NET AJAX Learning Guide
  • For a more concise resource, check out "Mini-Guide: Microsoft Atlas"
  •   Object-Oriented Programming in VB.NET
    Object-oriented programming, which focuses on objects and data rather than actions and logic, is a major element of Visual Basic .NET development. This learning guide offers article, tips, book excerpts and tutorials that focus on general object-oriented programming best practices and on the four main characteristics of OOP -- abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance.
  • Click here to read the OOP in VB.NET Learning Guide
  •   Vista Series
    Vista may be on the horizon but it's inching nearer to your IDE each day. As a savvy developer, you know to start preparing now. We're here to help with a three-part series on the major development tools for Windows Vista.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Learning Guide
  • Windows Communication Foundation Learning Guide
  • Windows Workflow Foundation Learning Guide
  • For a more concise resource, see "Windows Communications Foundation Resource Kit"
  •   .NET Migration
    This learning guide provides experienced Visual Basic 6 developers with a one-stop source for .NET migration information. If you haven't made the move to .NET yet, now is the time to pump new life into your existing Visual Basic skills. Learn what .NET is all about and extend your skills with our collection of primers, FAQs, guides, articles, book chapters, webcasts and much more.
  • Click here to read the .NET Migration Learning Guide
  •   Ajax
    Are you a Web developer? The time has come to rethink your entire approach to developing Web applications. Find out about the Ajax approach (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and learn how Web developers are not only enriching the user interface but also making it more responsive.
  • Click here to read the Ajax Learning Guide
  •   ASP.NET 2.0
    ASP.NET 2.0 provides a hefty number of enhancements, including over 50 new controls that significantly reduce coding. Learn about the new simplified data-binding model, membership and role services, master pages and themes, navigation improvements and much more. Get ahead of the curve by understanding tomorrow's Web programming today.
  • Click here to read the ASP.NET 2.0 Learning Guide
  • Short on time? See the "Web Development Mini-Guide": Part 1 | Part 2
  •   ASP to ASP.NET Migration
    This Learning Guide examines the migration from ASP to ASP.NET and the upgrade to ASP.NET 2.0. You'll find articles, tutorials, tips, white papers and Webcasts to bring you up to speed on the differences between ASP and ASP.NET and what to expect in Version 2.0. Themes for the upgrade include improved developer productivity (thanks to code reductions) and a fully extensible platform.
  • Click here to read the ASP to ASP.NET Migration Learning Guide
  •   Building Datacentric Applications
    Interested in creating datacentric applications? Drag-and-drop data binding in Visual Basic 2005 makes connecting to data sources easier than ever. Explore our huge collection of targeted resources to quickly get started and moving in the right direction.
  • Click here to read the Building Datacentric Applications Learning Guide
  • Short on time? Check out "Mini-Guide: Data binding and XML"
  •   Mobile and Wireless Development
    If you're ready to expand your developer skills to mobile and wireless applications, then this learning guide is for you. It's chock full of articles, tutorials, tools, sample code and much more. Browse the resources below to help transfer your existing skills beyond the desktop.
  • Click here to read the Mobile and Wireless Development Learning Guide
  •   RSS
    After long gestation, RSS has risen to the fore in mere months as a means to share information using software standards. This learning guide offers articles, tips, tutorials, downloads and other resources for .NET developers who want to learn more about harnessing the power of RSS.
  • Click here to read the RSS Learning Guide
  •   Testing and Debugging
    Discover the testing tools included in Visual Studio Team Edition and start whipping your application into shape today. The content in our guide is arranged by task and test type to help you quickly understand how to create, manage and run your own tests.
  • Click here to read the Testing and Debugging Learning Guide
  •   Visual Basic 2005
    Get prepared for Visual Basic 2005 today with this extensive collection of resources. Learn about the new features, download the prerelease software and get your hands dirty with our huge list of tutorials.
  • Click here to read the Visual Basic 2005 Learning Guide
  •    Visual Basic Mini-Guides
    Mini-Guides offer a quick look at topics important to readers.
  • Visual Basic 6 and VB.NET
  • Visual Basic Techniques
  • VB.NET and the .NET Framework: Part 1 | Part 2
  • VB.NET Controls: Part 1 | Part 2
  • VB.NET Deployment Techniques
  • VBScript
  •   Visual C# 2005
    Ready to try your coding skills on Visual C#? There's no better time than now with the recent release of Visual C# 2005. Whether you're coming from another Microsoft language, or even Java, this learning guide provides a wealth of resources designed to get you up-to-speed quickly.
  • Click here to read the Visual C# 2005 Learning Guide
  •   Visual Studio Tools for Office
    Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office isn't your father's VBA. The line between Windows and Office development continues to blur with Word and Excel now integrated within the Visual Studio IDE. Developers can use new host controls to extend Office objects, use managed code to add business logic to forms and make calls into the .NET Framework class library. There is also welcome support for IntelliSense and more robust debugging.
  • Click here to read the Visual Studio Tools for Office Learning Guide
  • Short on time? Check out these concise resources:
    VSTO Fast Guide | Mini-Guide: Visual Studio Tools for Applications
  •   Visual Studio 2005
    The formal announcement of Visual Studio 2005 heralds the start of .NET 2.0 programming in earnest. As Visual Studio bolts from the blocks, the overall view is impressive.
  • Click here to read the Visual Studio 2005 Learning Guide
  • For help with WinForms, check out "Mini-Guide: Windows Forms Controls"
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