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UPDATED -- Sessions from MIX06 are now online. Microsoft's latest conference, MIX06, is all about Web applications and how to make them flashy, functional, easy to maintain and profitable. This page highlights's coverage of the inaugural event.

MIX06 sessions now live
Webcasts of all 52 sessions from MIX06 are now available online. One need not be a conference attendee to access the site.

MIX06 recap: How bloggers reacted to Microsoft's latest show
Bloggers covered all the bases at Microsoft's MIX06 show. Here we look at what the community said about the conference.

WPF covers browsers and beyond
At MIX06, Microsoft showed Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps that ranged beyond the Web browser to include mobile devices and widescreen TV. Read this and other reports from MIX06, a conference that is all about Web applications and how to make them flashy, functional, and easy to maintain.

Gates: Web development must focus on user, not device
Developers and designers must build apps that go beyond the PC to mobile devices and even TV, Bill Gates said during his address at MIX06.

Microsoft unleashes Atlas at MIX06
Atlas, Microsoft's tool for merging Ajax and ASP.NET technology, is now available as a CTP.

Mini-Guide: Microsoft Altas
How will the growing interest in AJAX and the Web 2.0 movement impact you as a Microsoft developer? In a word, it's called Atlas.

Microsoft's MIX06 to bring Web developers, designers togetherWith MIX06, Microsoft hopes to start a conversation between developers and designers that results in better-looking, and better-running, Web apps. is there to give you news, advice and commentary from Las Vegas.

Ajax development: The what, how and when, continued -- Five tips for getting started
Most experts agree that the first steps forward in Ajax development should be small ones. Here are five tips for introducing Ajax to your Web applications.

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Expression: Microsoft releases Expression interface designer CTP
Windows Communication Foundation: WCF Resource Kit
Windows Communication Foundation: Connecting Web services with the System.ServiceModel

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