News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. Podcast: VB 6, VB.NET and a 'feet' of development

In our inaugural podcast, we analyze Microsoft's regard for VB developers, the costs and benefits of a migration to VB.NET and technology that makes you put your best foot forward.

In's first podcast, site editor Jack Vaughan and associate editor Brian Eastwood provide an update of recent stories of importance to the .NET developer. The theme here is the relationship between Visual Basic 6 and VB.NET. The podcast examines Microsoft's evolving opinion of VB developers, the benefits and costs of making the move to VB.NET and Microsoft's support for VB 6 applications in Vista. We also offer our take on new technology coming out of Redmond that should "step up" your productivity.
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Read about the topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Mike Gunderloy: VB developers no longer second-class citizens
    Whatever the Microsoft Developer Division makes of their personas and stereotypes, the Patterns & Practices folks get it: VB developers are not all code bangers that don't really know what the computer is doing with their code.

  • Gartner: VB.NET migration costs more than expected
    Effectively migrating from VB6 to VB.NET could take six months and cost a company $43,000 per developer, according to recent Gartner Group research. However, C# and Java migrations are a bit harder.

  • Roxe: Vista will support VB 6 runtime, most VB 6 apps
    Though Microsoft is still finalizing the details, Jay Roxe, lead product manager for Visual Studio, said last week that mainstream support for the VB 6 runtime will exist through the entire Vista lifecycle. Most, but not all, VB 6 apps will be operable in Vista, Roxe claimed.

  • Ed Tittel: VB 2005 reaches out to VB 6.0 developers
    If you're a die-hard VB 6.0 fan, you'll be happy to know that VB 2005 offers plenty of form, menu and toolbar improvements.

  • Dig Deeper on Visual Basic 6 programming language

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