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.NET Developments 2005: Product Highlights

Selected .NET development product highlights of 2005.

The rush to new technologies often obscures the evolution of software products that enable developers to solve problems more efficiently. But tools are cool. Commercial and shareware tools automate laborious and complex tasks, and -- just like code -- they are constantly in flux.

Here we provide a look at some highlights from among 2005 .NET product releases. Whether you're in the market for a life cycle tool, a component or two, report generators or refactoring tools, we trust you will find what something of interest on this list.


  • DeKlarit (ARTech)
  • VMWare Workstation 5.5 (VMWare)
  • r.a.d.controls (Telerik)
  • .NET Reflector (Aisto)
  • Semantic Works 2006 (Altova)
  • Merge Professional 6.5 (Araxis)
  • NetAdvantage 2005 Volume 3 (Infragistics)
  • Coral Web (Mindreef)
  • FinalBuilder 4 (VSoft) .NET Developments 2005

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    2. Introduction

    3. Product list

    4. Expert commentary


  • OnTime 2005 (Axosoft)
  • Crystal Reports XI (Business Objects)
  • CodeSmith 3.0 (CodeSmith Tools)
  • ComponentOne Studio Enterprise (ComponentOne)
  • ActiveReports (Data Dynamics)
  • IdeaBlade-Lite (IdeaBlade)
  • ILOG Rules for .NET 2.0 (ILOG)
  • J-Integra Espresso (Intrinsyc )
  • ReSharper 2.0 (JetBrains)
  • Visual Build Professional (Kinook)
  • NETRefactor (KnowDotNet)
  • Aurora XAML Designer (Mobiform)
  • Chrome for Visual Studio (RemObjects)
  • TestTrack Pro (Seapine Software)
  • Chart FX for Visual Studio 2005 (Software FX)
  • Essential Studio (Syncfusion)
  • Qt4 (Trolltech)
  • Dig Deeper on ASP.NET development tools

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