News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. presents: 2005 in review

From the top stories of 2005 to the oddest, was there to cover it. Here we present our year in review.

For the .NET developer, there was a lot to see this year. Visual Studio 2005 made it to public release, and along with it came hundreds of commercial, freeware and open-source add-ins to make VS even better. Collaboration guru Ray Ozzie came to Microsoft and make a quick splash, lighting a fire under the company in a memo that many compared to Bill Gates' "Internet tidal wave" letter of 1995. Ajax emerged as the next killer app for Web development, but the long-term prognosis remains unclear.

Here you'll find's index for our coverage of the year that was. We review our 10 most popular stories, summarize the year's biggest headlines and offer a look at some of the top product releases. We also look back rather fondly at our favorite Missing Links. Enjoy!

  • Now at MS, Ray Ozzie becomes central figure again in software (
    The Notes creator jumped to Microsoft in March and has been making news ever since.

  • .NET Developments 2005 (
    Here we present a review of select .NET product releases from the past 12 months. Our review features an introduction, information about more than two dozen tools and commentary from Site Experts.

  • Ajax makes news; can it make the grade? (
    For developers, 2005 was the year of Ajax. The technology is certainly cool, but it does not come without baggage, so weigh your Web app development options carefully in 2006.

  • Top 10 stories of 2005 (
    With apologies to David Letterman, we present our 10 most popular stories from 2005. As you will see, there was a lot on your minds over the last 12 months – Visual Studio 2005, Visual Basic 2005, Avalon, ASP.NET and, of course, the future of .NET development.

  • The best of the Missing Links (
    From robot lobsters and brain downloads to scientific cow-tipping and a rat on the run, takes a look back at some of the stories that made us chuckle in 2005. The stories, which appear at the end of our e-mail newsletters, comprise the odd, the techie, the strange and the mundane.

  • 2005's IT winners and losers (
    There were plenty of candidates in both categories this year, but we've painstakingly separated the best from the worst.

  • The rise of the virtual machines (
    It's the new mantra for data center managers: virtualization. And while there's plenty of confusion over just how all the new offerings will come together, most IT pros will have some form of the technology in 2006.

  • 2006 outlook: Open source, offshoring, Web 2.0 (
    Former TechTarget editor-in-chief Paul Gillin predicts the top 10 technology trends for 2006, including open source, Web 2.0, blogging, offshoring and convergence.
  • Dig Deeper on ASP.NET and Ajax development

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