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Plenty of activity on the .NET front

The combination of the PDC and the imbending release of VS and SQL updates has made it a busy autumn at Here's an update on what we've done recently.

As most major tech conferences do, last month's PDC triggered a flurry of development news. That, plus the impending release of Visual Studio and SQL Server updates, has made it a busy autumn at Here we've taken the opportunity to update you on what we've covered since the show.

Naturally, the PDC yielded product announcements. We offer a sampling in Windows Developments, the first edition of our new monthly product news feature. Here you'll find tools to ease application development. One such tool, ReSharper 2.0 from JetBrains, is designed to help you deal with the mounds of code you'll encounter when Visual Studio 2005 is released month. Read more about ReSharper here.

Speaking of Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft released the third beta of VS 2005 Team Foundation Server at the end of September. While TFS is still due for general release in Q1 2006, yet another beta, called Beta 3 Refresh, will accompany the Nov. 7 release of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Click here to read what developers planning to roll out Beta 3 should know.

Since those November releases mean so much for .NET developers, recently interviewed three developers-turned-authors for their take on what lies ahead. In one article, Eric Carter and Eric Lippert, authors of Visual Studio Tools for Office, discuss how programming advanced in VSTO 2005. In addition, we chatted with Krzysztof Cwalina, co-author of Framework Design Guidelines, about improvements to the .NET Framework and what that means to VB developers.

Stay tuned to for news and features as Nov. 7 approaches.

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