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Recent advice from our .NET resident expert

This article provides a roundup of VS.NET, C# and VB.NET advice from software engineer and resident expert Mark Belles.

Like a cross-country excursion, embarking on a new development project prompts some soul-searching -- do I have everything I need, what am I likely to forget and where can I turn for advice along the way?

In times like these, the best remedies come from pros who have been there before. At, several experts stand ready to answer your Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET development questions.

Our most recent expert answers come from Mark Belles, a software engineer specializing in C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET.

In the first posting, Belles helps a developer who has created a Windows control using VB.NET but can't access its methods using client script. Click here for the answer, which also includes a link to an article explaining how JavaScript and embedded objects interact.

The second question addresses a server control that inherits the drop down list control and works in OnLoad but not in the declaration section. With his answer, Belles gives this developer a starting point.

The third question simply asks whether LoadRunner will work a C# or .NET client server application. Belles, though, offers universal advice -- when in doubt, check your product documentation.

Finally, Belles assists a developer trying to transfer data over a network. The developer had no trouble doing this in C, but VB.NET was another story. Read Belles' advice here.

Don't forget to check out Belles' previous posts, which address topics such as developing an RTF writer in C#, storing audio files as XML files and executing VB Script inside a C# program. If those answers still leave you stumped, feel free to submit a question to our experts. Remember, questions with a general interest to VB and .NET programmers are most likely to appear on out site.

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