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Mike Gunderloy's choice Windows developer downloads

Find commercial, freeware and open-source Visual Basic and .NET downloads in this chart.

Name Type Description Click on
CodeReview Commercial VS .NET add-in to simplify structured code reviews
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET Commercial Integrated code generation and other add-ins
CodeSmart 2005 Commercial Add-ins to make developers more productive
CodeSmith Commercial Template-based code generator for any language
DirectSkin Commercial Skinning engine that works with VB6, VB .NET, and other languages
DPack Freeware Free code-navigation tools for VS .NET
EazyCode Commercial Generate VB .NET GUI and data manipulation code
Enterprise Library Freeware Library of application blocks
FinalBuilder Commercial Flexible utility to manage complex build processes
FxCop Freeware Microsoft's own .NET static code analysis tool
IdeaBlade-Lite Freeware RAD framework for .NET including ORM, MVC, and UI databinding
log4net Open Source Logging framework for .NET applications
MZ-Tools Freeware/ Commercial Productivity add-ins for Visual Studio
NDoc Open Source Class library documentation generator for .NET
NUnit Open Source The original unit-testing framework for .NET applications
PageMethods for Visual Studio 2003 Freeware Object-oriented library for passing data between ASP.NET pages
Professional Validation and More Commercial Validation, data entry, and security controls for ASP.NET applications
Project Line Counter Freeware VS .NET add-in for file statistics
Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005 Beta 2 Freeware Adds refactoring support to VB 2005
Snippet Compiler Freeware Tool for quickly running .NET code without firing up Visual Studio
Snippet Editor for Visual Basic 2005 Beta 2 Freeware Tool to develop reusable libraries of code snippets for VB 2005
SOAPscope Commercial Diagnostic utility for Web Services
TestDriven.NET Freeware Integrated unit testing in VS .NET
Total .NET Analyzer Commercial Static code analysis tool
Total .NET SourceBook Commercial Extensible source code library for .NET
Total .NET XRef Commercial Real-time crossreference engine for VS .NET
TurboVBLite Freeware Procedure builder, property builder and other add-ins for VB6
Unleash It Freeware Deployment utility for ASP.NET projects
VBdocman.NET Commercial Automatically generate technical documentation from .NET source code
VBWare License DLL Commercial Simple license protection for .NET applications
VistaDB Commercial Small-footprint replacement for the Jet database engine in .NET applications
Visual Basic 6.0 Code Viewer Add-In Commercial View VB6 code in collapsible outline form
Visual Build Professional Commercial Flexible build utility to manage complex build processes
Visual Studio Core Community Powertoys Shared source Useful add-ins from the VS .NET team
XHEO|Licensing Commercial Advanced licensing framework for .NET apps



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