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Microsoft's VBRun targets VB 6 issues

Microsoft launched a site that highlights useful VB 6.0 content from the MSDN archive. At the same time, VB Product Manager Jay Roxe has responded to critics who fault VB6 support plans.

Microsoft has launched a Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center site that highlights useful VB 6.0 content from the MSDN archive. As well, says Microsoft Product Manager for Visual Basic Jay Roxe, the site offers new content on making Visual Basic 6.0 and VB .NET work together. Roxe released these comments via his blog, JRoxe's WebLog.

Roxe also penned an open letter responding to recent criticism of Microsoft VB 6 support plans. He said he hoped to continue an on-going dialog with critics, and better explain what is going on with VB these days. For more on VB 6 support criticism, see "Microsoft MVPs petition to save Visual Basic 'Classic''"on

The new Microsoft site is called VBRun, and is located at

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