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Blogging ASP.NET

Long-time ASP evangelist Rob Howard recently set off to create an ASP.NET system for blogging, discussions, and photo management.

Rob Howard spent a lot of time in recent years working on Microsoft's ASP and evangelizing that technology. He recently set off on his own. We were glad to catch up with him at Telligent Systems, Inc where the release of the Community Server 1.0 and relevant source code is the latest news.

Rob was early on among technologists that embraced blogging. Like others, he found it to be a nifty means to share technical information. It is probably fair to say that early underlying blogging solutions were oriented toward Python, Zope, and PHP. But other platforms have quickly moved into view. Howard's and Telligent's approach to blogging software is definitely of the ASP.NET variety.

At Telligent, Howard is expanding on his Microsoft experience. Telligent built and maintains the current and next version of the community web site. Telligent offers NET open source software for blogging, discussions and photo galleries.

"The goal of the company is to take some of best-of-breed applications like a Web-based discussions systems, photo gallery management software, and blogs, and bring this together in one platform," said Howard.

Howard told that a lot of organizations see blogs moving beyond their original technical roots. "They realize the power of blogging is the ability to share information. It allows employees to instantly publish, with no waiting for complex content management systems and no knowledge of HTML required."

He sees the software as increasingly useful in project management, and notes that, when it is accompanied by discussion software, as in Telligent's Community Server offering, it can provide a forum for collaboration. That is something that is all too often missing in software engineering during this age of remote staffing.

"We work with people who use it for projects, [Community Server] lets you move from blogging into collaborative discussions," Howard said.

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