• February 05, 2004 05 Feb'04

    What the $%*#? Web site offers repository of rudeness

    Get the bar of soap ready. Your mouth may need some scrubbing after a few clicks on "Swearsaurus." Although it sounds like a dinosaur with a potty mouth, this site is like a of curses -- a polyglot lexicon of lewd language. But at least ...

  • September 17, 2002 17 Sep'02

    Movie: ASP.NET TraceContext and Using the Trace.AXD utility

    By employing tracing in your ASP.NET applications, you can see all information that the ASP.NET HttpHandler sees ... the HTTP Header, server variables, client information, cookie content and more. You can also add your own information to the trace ...

  • June 24, 2002 24 Jun'02

    Microsoft says .NET will impact Internet's evolution

    At last week's DCI Microsoft .NET conference, a Microsoft executive attempted to define how .NET will impact customer relationship management (CRM), the Internet and the enterprise.

  • November 16, 2001 16 Nov'01

    VB code: Example for complete Car Shop application

    Complete application including customers database, inventory system, search database records, cool GUI, debtors alert, password protection. This application is suitable for a car shop. Whenever the mechanic finishes a job on a car the only thing he ...

  • November 16, 2001 16 Nov'01

    VB code: MSAccess 4GL payroll system

    This VB code download is a fairly complete MSAccess 4GL payroll system. It was designed using the system analysis and project management method of software design. Many major school projects are based on this code.

  • September 25, 2001 25 Sep'01

    9. Permutations of 6 Characters

    This is my latest code for permutations of 6 characters. For best result use different numbers such as 123456. An option to clear duplicates for permutations of numbers such as 8331 which gives 12 permutations instead of 24. Includes the ability to ...

  • September 07, 2001 07 Sep'01

    Product Brief: Cape Clear CapeConnect

    Do you want to expose your existing business logic and components as Web services, but aren't an XML or SOAP guru? CapeConnect Two for J2EE is a complete platform that provides automatic creation of Web services without the need to modify existing ...

  • April 24, 2001 24 Apr'01

    Quick Takes: An ActiveX life

  • March 28, 2001 28 Mar'01

    Quick Takes: Targeting developers

  • February 21, 2001 21 Feb'01

    Quick Takes: Got stuff?

  • January 26, 2001 26 Jan'01

    Quick Takes: That's what Friend is for

  • January 03, 2001 03 Jan'01

    Q&A with Capital Area Visual Basic User Group (CAVBUG)

    During the recent US elections, the media descended on our nation's capital, saturating us with US presidential news coverage. You may be tired of that presidential coverage, but there's another president residing near the capital about whom I think...

  • November 17, 2000 17 Nov'00

    Quick Takes: Viva Las Vegas

  • November 08, 2000 08 Nov'00

    James Foxall answers your MCSD questions

  • October 18, 2000 18 Oct'00

    Book Review: Murach's Visual Basic 6

    This book was written for anyone wanting to learn the Visual Basic programming language to develop business applications. Even though no programming experience is required, this book isn't intended solely for beginners. Those of you searching for ...

  • October 18, 2000 18 Oct'00

    Book Review: Debugging Visual Basic - Troubleshooting for Programmers

    Wouldn't it be great if every program you created worked perfectly from the very first time? Unless you're coding "Hello World" programs for a living, don't expect that to happen very often. The authors, David Jung and Jeff Kent, take on the crucial...

  • October 18, 2000 18 Oct'00

    Book Review: Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6

    This book was written for the absolute beginner, although I think those of you with some programming experience will also find this book to be a valuable help. The book, along with the included CD-ROM, provides everything you'll need to learn to ...

  • October 09, 2000 09 Oct'00

    Book Review: Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming

    All Wrox Press beginning series books share a common goal; they "aim to take you from the basement to the penthouse suite as quickly and easily as possible." Quite a task, but by...

  • September 15, 2000 15 Sep'00

    VBA: A real asset to asset management apps

    To paraphrase a popular television advertisement, Visual Basic does not always make the products you buy, but it can make the products you buy better. That's what Percuity, Inc. is betting on. The Arlington, Va. Software firm has announced it will ...

  • August 22, 2000 22 Aug'00

    VBUG: Strong hive of VB programmers

    Do not call it a user group. VBUG, a UK-based professional organization for Visual Basic programmers, wants to be known as much more