VB 6 to VB NET Migration

  • October 30, 2007 30 Oct'07

    On managing a .NET Framework 1.x migration

    There are many compelling reasons to migrate projects from .NET 1.0 and 1.1 to a later version of the .NET Framework. A recent Burton Group report offers advice for developers considering such migrations.

  • October 15, 2007 15 Oct'07

    Tool translates VB .NET code to Java

    VBeeJava is a platform translation tool for moving code from Visual Basic .NET 2003 to Java.

  • March 31, 2007 31 Mar'07

    Microsoft unveils VB 2005 'Power Packs'

    The company has released a third Visual Basic 2005 add-in, known as a Power Pack, and is soliciting suggestions for future tools.

  • August 24, 2006 24 Aug'06

    Survey: Time, money often drive choices for Microsoft developers

    VB 6 still dominates the landscape, but developers are gradually adopting VB.NET and C# where practical, and adding Web app development to the many hats they wear.

  • August 17, 2006 17 Aug'06

    Visual Studio 2003 Service Pack 1 now available

    Microsoft has released a major update to its Visual Studio 2003 IDE.

  • May 11, 2006 11 May'06

    Webcast: How to upgrade legacy VB 6 applications

    With years of effort and money behind many legacy VB 6 apps, it often makes more sense to upgrade than to rewrite. Author Keith Pleas outlines the ins and outs of upgrading to.NET.

  • March 27, 2006 27 Mar'06

    Another side of VB migration

    Claudio Perrone of InnerWorkings discusses different ways to look at software and skills migration when taking on .NET. You need to know your ASP, and get some feel for object orientation. Also be sure and ask why you should migrate in the first ...

  • March 06, 2006 06 Mar'06 Podcast: VB 6, VB.NET and a 'feet' of development

    In our inaugural podcast, we analyze Microsoft's regard for VB developers, the costs and benefits of a migration to VB.NET and technology that makes you put your best foot forward.

  • February 22, 2006 22 Feb'06

    Visual Basic .NET migration costs more than expected, Gartner says

    Migrating from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET could take six months and cost a company $43,000 per developer, according to Gartner Group research.

  • January 18, 2006 18 Jan'06

    Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic 2005 migration: Tips for getting started

    Microsoft hopes developers readying VB 6 to VB.NET 2.0 migrations can benefit from best practices the company has garnered over recent years. Wizards have their limits and assessment tools can help experts Keith Pleas and Federico Zoufaly tell ...

  • December 27, 2005 27 Dec'05

    2005: A good year for most VBers

    For many of us, 2005 was a year of VB .NET, writes Mike Gunderloy. Even though VB .NET is more complex than classic character-mode BASIC, you can still pick up the Express Edition and be writing code that does stuff on the screen within a few hours....

  • December 19, 2000 19 Dec'00

    Editor's forecast: Nothing but .Net

  • September 15, 2000 15 Sep'00

    VBA: A real asset to asset management apps

    To paraphrase a popular television advertisement, Visual Basic does not always make the products you buy, but it can make the products you buy better. That's what Percuity, Inc. is betting on. The Arlington, Va. Software firm has announced it will ...