NET Framework security best practices

  • May 12, 2005 12 May'05

    Visual Basic 2005 gains no-cost refactoring plug-in

    Microsoft has responded to a small but significant upswell in interest in VB software refactoring by offering a free refactoring plug-in for the upcoming Visual Basic 2005 release. The plug-in, called Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005, was not created...

  • April 06, 2005 06 Apr'05

    Revisiting VB refactoring again

    A few items on developers' wish lists for Visual Studio 2005 got left out on the way to market. One function that failed to make the final cut was refactoring. That has created an opening for third-party software makers working in the Microsoft ...

  • March 26, 2005 26 Mar'05

    Refactor that!

    Refactoring sounds a bit highfalutin. Refactoring is about reformatting existing code so that it is understandable and maintainable as it is reconstituted for new deployment. We offer some useful links to background on this topic.