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  • November 02, 2010 02 Nov'10

    At PDC: Microsoft's Muglia talks about Azure Platform as a Service advances

    Windows Azure as platform for applications gained attention at Microsoft’s PDC in Redmond, Wash. Platform as a Service [PaaS] is where the future of the cloud computing resides, said Bob Muglia, President of Server and Tools Business for Microsoft.

  • April 29, 2010 29 Apr'10

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 hits the mark: What developers are saying

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 was released recently and so far developers and analysts have mostly positive feedback. With a host of new development and test tools, fixes to buggy tools and a WPF-based IDE, early adopters are saying VS 2010 hits the ...

  • November 25, 2009 25 Nov'09

    Inside Visual Studio 2010

    Microsoft is released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. Find out key features of Microsoft's next-generation development environment, and learn key features of the Framework, Visual Basic, and C#.

  • October 07, 2008 07 Oct'08

    Mono 2.0 moves .NET apps to Linux - includes migration analyzer

    The open-source version of .NET known as Mono now supports C# 3.0, LINQ, Visual Basic 8. Mono 2.0 also features a debugger for managed code -- a new feature for the project -- as well the Mono Migration Analyzer (MoMA), a tool that analyzes .NET ...

  • October 02, 2007 02 Oct'07

    Simonyi firm to address divide between domain experts and developers

    Long-time Microsoft development leader and WYSIWYG originator Chalres Simonyi told an MIT crowd that a new approach could better enable domain experts such as business analysts to describe their needs to software developers. Simonyi, space traveler ...

  • September 07, 2006 07 Sep'06

    Borland revives Turbo brand with four new IDEs

    Borland has revived the Turbo name with four new development environments, complete with drag-and-drop components, refactoring and data integration. There are C# and C++ versions.

  • August 23, 2005 23 Aug'05

    Recent advice from our .NET resident expert

    This article provides a roundup of VS.NET, C# and VB.NET advice from software engineer and resident expert Mark Belles.