Visual Studio 2010: A Beginner's Guide

In "Visual Studio 2010: A Beginner's Guide," author Joe Mayo provides a gradual on-ramp to development with Visual Studio 2010. Read a free excerpt from the book.

Read a free excerpt from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: A Beginner's Guide

With the recent release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, considered by many viewers to be a substantial and mature improvement from Visual Studio 2008, now is a good time to enter into .NET programming. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: A Beginners Guide by Joe Mayo caters to the needs of programmers unfamiliar with the .NET platform yet who have some development experience. The introduction describes the book as a "gradual on-ramp" to development with VS 2010.

The book walks through Visual Studio 2010 from the bottom up—chapters 2 through 4 are titled "Learning just enough C#"—and later chapters cover building projects, debugging, and introduce different elements of the Visual Studio stack, including ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WCF. The book refers to sample programs that are downloadable from the McGraw hill Web site. We've provided a chapter excerpt from the book.

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