VB code: Windows operations downloads

We've added four new Visual Basic code snippets to help you with Windows operations such as changing the attributes of a folder and writing to a Windows Event Log.

This installment of our VB code download series offers code for Windows operations. You'll find code related to system management, desktop administration and security, along with a few general development tools.

(Updated Jan. 31, 2008) We've added four new code snippets, which will help you with tasks such as changing the attributes of a folder and writing to a Windows Event Log.

Category Download Click on
Desktop Admin VB 6 code for changing the attributes of a folder -- NEW!
Desktop Admin VB .NET code for writing to a Windows Event Log -- NEW!
Desktop Admin Full text viewer for Windows systems
Desktop Admin Binary clock written in VB .NET
Desktop Admin Use VB 6 code to give a folder a custom look
Desktop Admin Get driver information using My namespace in VB .NET
Desktop Admin Perform "Show Desktop" within Visual Basic
Desktop Admin VB code to search text using Ctrl+F
Desktop Admin Print using custom page sizes
Desktop Admin Simple VB code to refresh Windows desktop
Desktop Admin Hide the mouse cursor
Desktop Admin Select desired printer w/o changing default
Desktop Admin Hide or show desktop, Start menu and Taskbar
Desktop Admin Hide or show desktop
Desktop Admin Hide Start button, system clock and Taskbar
Developer Tool VB .NET code for a system search tool
Developer Tool Virtual keyboard that can force keys using a modular file
Developer Tool Search Queue-like effect w/o any API
Developer Tool Create, execute VBA in Mircosoft Word
Developer Tool Word replica with browser inside app
Developer Tool VB code to open Control Panel file
Developer Tool Windows ME, XP file compression
Developer Tool Count words, characters in TextBox
Developer Tool Open Notepad or IE while in Visual Basic
Security VB 6 code for adding passwords to folders -- NEW!
Security VB 6 code for locking a folder
Security Prevent users from opening certain folders
Security Monitor port activity on your network
Security Get drive, disk and directory info
Security VB code for opening system information
Security See if someone'ss connected to your network
Security Find currently logged users of Windows NT
Security VB code to get your IP address
System Mgmt Create, manage Windows XP User Accounts Manager -- NEW!
System Mgmt Graphical drive information system for VB .NET
System Mgmt VB code for printing items without a dialog box
System Mgmt Windows API to copy, move, delete files
System Mgmt Keep files backed up in three locations
System Mgmt Add reference to Script Runtime, Script host object
System Mgmt VB code for basic autorun function
System Mgmt Memory status program
System Mgmt Get a program to run at startup
System Mgmt VB code for application monitoring, event capturing
System Mgmt Program for getting system info
System Mgmt VB code to open any executive file
Shutdown VB 6 code to shut down, logoff, restart Windows XP
Shutdown Put computer shutdown on a timer
Shutdown Remote shutdown, restart
Shutdown Close non-essential programs with one click
Shutdown VB code that will end currently running program
Shutdown Use SendKeys to close a program
Shutdown Use VB 6 code to end a running process

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