VB code: System control downloads

These Visual Basic code snippets offer a variety of system controls, from UI elements to management tools.

The latest in our series of downloads from VBCode.com is a variety of system controls. Here you'll find VB code...

for creating applications, managing systems, modifying and managing data and changing user interface.

(Updated Oct. 31, 2007 -- We have added two downloads to the chart. One is a Vista form emulation control for VB 6. The other lets programmers use a PictureBox as a calendar.)


Category Download Click on
Application Run VB.NET program without inheriting a form
Application App dev tool including SQLite3 class wrapper, encryption support
Application Create dynamic controls, use their events
Application Create app using TreeView, ListView
Application Trader application
Application Notepad-like application
Data VB code to bind PictureBox to recordset
Data Type in TextBox, find info in ListBox
Data Export data from DBASE IV to Excel
Data Match item in a ComboBox with entered text
Data VB code to use TreeView Control as a menu
Data Select what's in a TextBox or ComboBox
Data Text-to-speech engine, other utilities
Data Decimal controls with a slider control in a label
Data Change entered characters to uppercase
Data Enter dates in a ListBox with calendar controls
Data MySQL Query analyzer, ListBox controls and more
Display/UI VB 6 code to use a PictureBox as a calendar -- NEW!
Display/UI Vista form emulation control for VB 6 -- NEW!
Display/UI Add Visual Basic 6 controls to a tab
Display/UI Highlight new record added to ListView
Display/UI VB code that enables AutoComplete in TextBox
Display/UI Inverse the selection in ListBox or ListView
Display/UI Add task bar icons
Display/UI Change a font on a mouse scroll-over
Display/UI Graphical replacement for ListBox
Display/UI VB code ActiveX skin control
Display/UI Moveable, sizable custom frame
Display/UI Change background color of form as you scroll
Display/UI Type 'enter,' tab to the next control
Display/UI Change foreground, background color of a TextBox
Management Use VB code to create virtual local disk from path on hard drive
Management Control, database manipulation classes
Management Get ListIndex number from text in a ComboBox
Management Allow only numbers in TextBox control
Management Run .fla, .swf extension files in Visual Basic 6
Management MSFlexGrid add-in that can add, remove rows
Management VB code for sending e-mail

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This was last published in October 2007

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