VB code: String manipulation downloads

We have updated our string manipulation downloads with four new code snippets that help programmers reverse strings, use a delimiter to break a string into parts and more.

The seventh installment of our VB code downloads from sister site VBCode.com offers code for helping developers with string manipulation. We feature an application that will translate text on a Web page, as well as downloads for controlling the look and feel of strings of text.


Category Download Click on
Application Multiple file, Internet searches in same app
Application VB code for a language translation Web page
Controls VB 6 code to return the distinct element from string array -- NEW!
Controls VB 6 code for cleaning up unprintable characters in a file -- NEW!
Controls Replace partial VB 6 string with another string
Controls Remove special characters from a VB .NET string
Controls Turn one VB 6 string into two strings
Controls Break a string into parts with a delimiter
Controls VB code to alphabetize a string
Controls VB code to call up the balance of a string
Controls Swap any two characters within a string
Controls Shift any substring within a string
Controls Randomize, move items in a ListBox
Controls Find string inside another string, return # of hits
Controls Restrict space at the beginning of a TextBox
Controls Let users type only numbers in a TextBox
Controls Manipulate strings, get texts from HTML scripts
Controls VB code for email validation
Controls Encrypt, decrypt using simple logic
Text Convert VB 6 binary strings to decimal values
Text VB code for a binary converter
Text Reverse string
Text Convert number to words
Text Load an entire text file into a TextBox
Text Convert decimal to binary numbers
Text Reverse each character in a string
Text VB code to encrypt text
Text Change all letters in a TextBox to lowercase
Text Decompose string into sections of a chosen length
Text Convert an integer into a string number

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