VB code: New additions, June 2007

Our most recent VB code downloads, covering topics like database programming, graphics and WinForms, can all be found in this chart.

Our most recent VB code downloads, covering topics like database programming, graphics and WinForms, can all be found in this chart. (For a complete rundown of all our featured downloads, visit our VB code download home page.


Category Download Click on
Database Car parking system app in Visual Basic 6
Database Employee daily time record system in Visual Basic 6
Database Use VB 6 code to create data reports w/o third-party software
Database Parameter passing with Crystal Reports in .NET 2.0
Database Export table structure from MS Access to SQLite using Visual Basic 6
Database Save data using IsolationLevel in VB .NET
Database Use VB code to fill data Gridview using DataSet
Database VB .NET code to remove all tables from MS Access database
Database ATL COM for MySQL5 client library
Database SQL generator for Visual Basic 6 and VBA
Database SQL script to list table names, row counts of tables
Database SQL database backup using SQLDMO object library in Visual Basic .NET
Database Install binary PostgreSQL without the installer on Windows
File Manipulation Read, write files Using StreamReader and StreamWriter
File Manipulation Windows XP styles in Visual Basic 6
File Manipulation Save contents of TextBox to text file
File Manipulation Look inside folder, change specified file extensions
File Manipulation Find permission levels of network folders
File Manipulation VB code to export data table to Excel
Forms Enable or disable a Visual Basic 6 control
Forms Add controls on a form during runtime
Forms Add controls in runtime with control events
Forms Create Visual Basic 6 form with opacity like WinForms in .NET
Forms VB code for showing text in a shaped form
Forms Connect to database, retrieve records
Forms Custom toolbox with XP style icons
Forms Timer progress bar displaying number of seconds left
Graphics Flip, mirror, rotate image using Visual Basic 6
Graphics VB code for sending picture to PictureBox
Graphics Left to right gradient form in Visual Basic
Graphics Tile a picture on a Visual Basic 6 form
Graphics Download Visual Basic 6 media players
Graphics Use video capture in Visual Basic .NET
Graphics VB 6 code to play media files, save playlists
Graphics Work with WMP in a Visual Basic .NET project
Internet Visual Basic 6 Internet application for retrieving weather data
Internet Keep unwanted domains away from your IP address
Internet VB code for a Web-based currency converter
Internet HTML editor compatible with Visual Basic 6
Security Password protect each encrypted Visual Basic .NET file
Security Change VB 6 program's password at runtime
Security Show or hide entire Windows TaskBar
String Manipulation Replace partial Visual Basic 6 string with another string
String Manipulation Remove special characters from a Visual Basic .NET string
String Manipulation Turn one VB 6 string into two strings
String Manipulation Convert VB 6 binary strings to decimal values
System controls Run VB .NET program without inheriting a form
System controls Add Visual Basic 6 controls to a tab
System controls Use VB code to create virtual local disk from path on hard drive
Windows ops Get driver information using My namespace in Visual Basic .NET
Windows ops Prevent users from opening certain folders
Windows ops Monitor port activity on your network
Windows ops Put computer shutdown on a timer
Windows ops VB code for remote shutdown, restart
Windows ops Close non-essential programs with one click

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