VB code: Internet application downloads

This installment of our download series offers Internet development help. Our latest downloads include an html editor, a currency converter and an app that streams weather data.

In this feature, SearchVB.com highlights Internet application VB code downloads from our sister site, VBCode.com. We've divided the list into four sections -- data access, messaging, remote access and Web tools. As you will see, some downloads fit into more than one category.

(Updated Feb. 21, 2008) -- We have added six code snippets to augment Internet application development, particularly those that need to send emails. There are also a couple code snippets tha will help you find your IP address.


Category Download Click on
Data access VB .NET code for a CP/IP data transfer -- NEW!
Data access Detect IP address, subnet mask of your computer using VB 6 code -- NEW!
Data access Keep unwanted domains away from your IP address
Data access Display 'DNS error' when IE page is not available
Data access See updates in Windows progress bar
Data access VB 6 code to open a Windows XP firewall port #2
Data access VB code to open Windows XP firewall port #1
Data access Get system IP address w/one line of code
Data access Authenticate against Active Directory using ADSI
Data access Search substring in multiple files w/in directory
Data access LiveUpdate for Access DB through FTP server
Data access Read RSS files, copy into local database
Messaging How to send email from a Windows application -- NEW!
Messaging VB .NET code for sending email using Regular Expressions -- NEW!
Messaging Send emails with attachments -- NEW!
Messaging VB .NET code to send email using Gmail server
Messaging VB code for Web-based chat applications
Messaging VB code for an Internet relay chat client
Messaging Email from Outlook w/o warning message
Messaging VB code for checking POP3 e-mail
Messaging VB code for a bulk e-mail sender
Messaging Message box function for ASP.NET
Messaging Messenger client server
Messaging Bulk e-mail sender based on VBSendMail
Messaging NetWork Chat Internet application
Remote access Get remote IP address from HTTP Force -- NEW!
Remote access Obtain IP by accessing remote Web site
Remote access Get remote IP address
Remote access Connect to remote computer, execute files there
Remote access Retrieve a remote MAC Address
Web tools Library of functions to parse, process HTML
Web tools Visual Basic 6 Internet application for retrieving weather data
Web tools Web-based currency converter
Web tools HTML editor compatible with Visual Basic 6
Web tools VB code for a simple Web browser
Web tools Bandwidth calculator
Web tools Web developer app w/range of file types
Web tools Retrieve web, URL source code
Web tools Place Web pages into variable, process them
Web tools Password-protected Web database
Web tools VB code to search text, images from any Internet application

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