VB code: Graphics downloads

These VB code downloads help developers create and organize the graphics that enhance an application's UI.

Today's applications require the use of graphics. Not only do these images make an app easier to use, to learn and to master, they sure beat the alternative of plain ol' text. Here we offer 40 Visual Basic downloads from sister site VBCode.com that help developers create and manage the images they use to enhance their applications. Recent additions include a plethora of Visual Basic media players and a left to right gradient form.


Category Download Click on
Dev tools Animate GIF file in VB.NET without using OCX controls -- NEW!
Dev tools Flip, mirror, rotate image using VB 6 code
Dev tools Convert image to array of bytes, add header
Dev tools Program to turn timers on and off
Dev tools Compare two pictures, graphics
Dev tools Convert JPG or PNG file to an HTML file
Dev tools Convert Visual Basic 6 programs to Windows XP style
Dev tools Compare two items in a chart or graph
Dev tools Draw graphics in an engineering application
Dev tools Code to capture a screenshot
Dev tools Control for transitions between two images
Dev tools Extract icon form file to BMP file
Management Use VB .NET code to save images in binary format -- NEW!
Management Send picture to PictureBox using Visual Basic 6
Management Open, save pictures, create slideshow
Management Another picture viewer
Management Display time on title bar, not task bar
Management Get item from image list, put it in normal list
Management Scan pixels and see if two images are identical
Management Save picture data without OCX
Management Pictures, Web databases
UI, forms Left to right gradient form in Visual Basic
UI, forms Tile a picture on a Visual Basic 6 form
UI, forms Make everything in a form transparent
UI, forms Move any control to the center of a form
UI, forms Fit, center image on a form
UI, forms Make a form transparent
UI, general Simple image rotation using VB .NET code -- NEW!
UI, general Custom word wrapping using DrawString and MeasureString -- NEW!
UI, general Make caption in label control blink
UI, general Mixing two or more colors
UI, general Graphical ListBox
UI, general Give an application a theme
UI, general Apply text effects to TextBox, form
UI, general Two different Progress Bars
UI, general Toolbar with Alpha Channel images
UI, media Download Visual Basic 6 media players
UI, media Use video capture in Visual Basic .NET
UI, media Use Visual Basic 6 to play media files, save playlists
UI, media Work with WMP in a Visual Basic .NET project

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