VB code: Forms downloads

These VB code snippets help developers customize forms such as ComboBoxes, TextBoxes and MSFlexGrids. Our newest category covers PictureBoxes.

Along with adding new snippets of VB code from sister site VBCode.com, we have reorganized our forms downloads to make it even easier to find the right downloads. InfoBox controls are now separated by type -- TextBox, ComboBox, MessageBox, Listbox and PictureBox (our newest category).

In addition, we have added categories solely devoted to controls and to building and changing forms. The list of developer tools and information management aids remains the same. Finally, we have rid the chart of its General category and moved the downloads therein to more fitting categories.


Category Download Click on
Building Forms Use VB object's visibility property, timer -- NEW!
Building Forms Create an elliptical form using Paste event
Building Forms Create VB 6 form with opacity like WinForms in .NET
Building Forms VB code to create a round form
Building Forms Create pop-up menu in form
Building Forms VB code for creating a scrollable form
Changing Forms Change ToolBar button into check box with VB .NET
Changing Forms Resize object on a form as form is resized
Changing Forms Clear all values in a form
Changing Forms Keep a form on the top of a screen
Changing Forms Dragging a form without a control box
Changing Forms Use a command button to close a form
Controls VB .NET code to enable, disable ALT-F4 when a form loads -- NEW!
Controls Enable or disable a control
Controls Add controls on a form during runtime
Controls Add controls in runtime with control events
Controls Enable, disable controls in a frame
Controls Use controls on an MDI form in .NET
Controls Automatically resize controls when a form is resized
ComboBox Insert images in a ComboBox
ComboBox Copy values from one ComboBox to another
ComboBox VB code to enable 'type ahead'
ListBox Use ListBox to add something from a TextBox
ListBox Populate Listbox and remove items
MessageBox VB .NET code to set MessageBox to a FormClosing event -- NEW!
MessageBox Call up, display UP address
PictureBox Change what's in a PictureBox at specified intervals -- NEW!
PictureBox Bring image from a Web page into a PictureBox -- NEW!
TextBox VB.NET code to get Clipboard text into a TextBox -- NEW!
TextBox Show text in a shaped form
TextBox Marquee text within a label
TextBox Restrict what goes into a TextBox #2
TextBox Restrict what goes into a TextBox #1
TextBox Change TextBox size using scrolls
TextBox Apply memo capabilities to a TextBox
TextBox VB Code to apply font names to a TextBox
TextBox Clear hundreds of TextBoxes with little code
TextBox Use TextBox to display, clear a message
Developer Tool VB .NET code to test regular expressions -- NEW!
Developer Tool VB 6 code to change the text color using a timer
Developer Tool Connect to database, retrieve records
Developer Tool Custom toolbox with XP style icons
Developer Tool Convert MSFlexGrids using TextBox methodology
Developer Tool Create a right-click drop-down menu
Developer Tool Build scrolling text application
Developer Tool VB code that creates a scientific calculator
Developer Tool Shows ProgressBar to work in the background
Developer Tool Running command button
Info Management VB .NET code for reviewing DataGrid info
Info Management Timer progress bar displaying number of seconds left
Info Management Input labels on MSChart using Array
Info Management Give users options when exiting an application
Info Management Dynamic form handling
Info Management Show name of program, date, recent run time
Info Management VB code to generate an employee ID in run time
Info Management Typing tutor for multiple languages
Info Management Move text from a TextBox or TextLabel caption
Info Management Set TabIndex for each object in form

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