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SearchVB.com has compiled a list of the 50 most popular enterprise software downloads posted on our sister site, VBCode.com. Here are downloads 26-50.

This list offers 50 popular VB code enterprise software downloads posted on our sister site, VBCode.com. Some downloads are available as Zip files, while others present the code right on the page. In either case, users can e-mail themselves the link to the page.

The rankings are based on two factors: number of hits received in the first half of 2005 and the level of purported usefulness for an entire enterprise. As a result of the second criteria, some bits of VB code that perform a single function, like sending an e-mail or shutting down a computer, have been omitted from this list.

The chart on this page lists downloads 26-50. To view downloads 1-25, go to  VB code: Enterprise software downloads, page 1.



# Download Click on
26 Make new database
27 Use Excel file as a database
28 Program that speaks what's entered into text editor
29 Show system's IP address in a message box
30 VB code for using OSEN XP Suite 2005
31 Make an OCX for ASP or VB to retrieve Web pages
32 Open a Recordset using ADO
33 Wave Editor with Fast Fourier Transform Filter
34 VB code for creating an IE-like browser
35 Generate unique list items in Listbox or Combobox
36 Service source program
37 Accounts and inventory software
38 Complete database project
39 Tab-delimited text file importer
40 MySQL Query Analyzer and more
41 Utility to track network usage
42 Best practice for fetching Recordset
43 Get position, text associated to each task tray icon
44 Complete billing and inventory system
45 Library database management program
46 Scientific calculator
47 VB code error number and description
48 Connect Access with SQLServer
49 Inventory system
50 Web database including pictures

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