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SearchVB.com has compiled a list of the 50 most popular enterprise software downloads posted on our sister site, VBCode.com. Here we list downloads 1-25.

This list offers 50 popular VB code enterprise software downloads posted on our sister site, VBCode.com. Some downloads are available as Zip files, while others present the code right on the page. In either case, users can e-mail themselves the link to the page.

The rankings are based on two factors: number of hits received in the first half of 2005 and the level of purported usefulness for an entire enterprise. As a result of the second criteria, some bits of VB code that perform a single function, like sending an e-mail or shutting down a computer, have been omitted from this list.

(Editor's note: This chart was updated Aug. 23, 2005. The link to the item called "complete institute management system" was removed after SearchVB.com staff found that the URL for this item on VBCode.com was no longer there. In addition, the item called "Complete FTP application," which had been ranked #37, was moved to #4 after SearchVB.com discovered that more than 3,300 page views for that entry had not been counted. Finally, a new item was added to the list -- #48, "Connect Access with SQLServer." If you find any other URLs that don't work, let us know.)



# Download Click on
1 Collection of 30 VB source codes
2 VBCodeLibrary: a collection of snippets
3 ADO Demonstration
4 Complete FTP application
5 Connect to a database using Visual Basic 6
6 Complete Access DataBase Sample
7 Complete address book with pictures
8 Computerized hospital management system
9 Database application with user levels
10 Send text messages from VB applications
11 An XP Progress Bar with many styles
12 VB code for creating a pictures database
13 Create Access Database using ADO
14 Read and write registry
15 VB code for pinging an IP address
16 Task parameter passing to Crystal Reports
17 How to use FlexGrid Control
18 Access Database on the fly
19 VB code for obtaining system information
20 Database, inventory system suitable for a car shop
21 Network Chat
22 Edit Excel file before importing data in SQL Server
23 Show Progress Bar and work in background
24 Add bitmap images to a menu
25 MSAccess 4GL payroll system

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