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These database programming downloads provide VB code for working with ADO and with MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

This feature highlights Visual Basic code for providing application security, encrypting messages, strengthening passwords and protecting one's computer. The doenloads come from our sister site, VBCode.com.

(Updated August 28, 2007) -- Three downloads have been added to this feature -- one for a data encryption function, one for an application for storing sensitive information and one that will see how often a program has been executed..


Category Download Click on
Applications VB 6 code to see how often a program has been executed -- NEW!
Applications Change VB 6 program's password at runtime
Applications Protect VB project on a CD from erasure
Applications Use privileges in your application
Applications Simple code generator
Applications Set application's termination date
Applications Large integer package for use in VB
Encryption VB 6 code for a data encryption function -- NEW!
Encryption Simple encryption/decryption function
Encryption Encrypt, decrypt a file "fairly fast"
Encryption SKC encryption function
Encryption Low-level cipher for encrypting a password
Encryption Text encryption and decryption, random password generation
Encryption Create standalone encrypted, password-protected HTML files
Encryption Complicated encryption/ decryption function
Encryption Encryption tool that can have multiple users
Encryption Encrypt text messages
Messaging Email address validator
Messaging Encode text before sending
Messaging Two e-mail address validators
Passwords Password protect each encrypted Visual Basic .NET file
Passwords Random password generator
Passwords Two ready-made log in screens
Passwords Code to create log-in window
Passwords Simple log-in screen
Passwords Strong password protection for Windows
Passwords Decide passkey length
System VB application for storing sensitive data -- NEW!
System Show or hide entire Windows TaskBar
System Shut down, log off, reboot via timer
System Find IP address when given host name
System Show IP address
System ASP.NET script for finding IP location
System Five security validators
System Detect if your file has been edited
System Keep watch on Windows, System Directory

This feature highlights database programming downloads from sister site VBCode.com. Having added 14 new VB code downloads, the total list now exceeds 100. To make them easier to find, we have created several new categories and added a third page.

This page features downloads related to ADO and to MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

For database programming downloads that help with creating applications and data-driven reports, visit  VB code: Database programming downloads, page 1.

For database programming downloads related to exporting data, managing data and searching for data, visit VB code: Database programming downloads, page 2.


Category Download Click on
ADO Obtain table names from an ADODC connection
ADO TextBox AutoComplete based on ADO RecordSet
ADO Search table, display results in ListBox
ADO Add items to list, connect to database
ADO Use Array fields, ADODC to insert data
ADO Sub that easily creates parameter objects
MS Access VB .NET code to remove all tables from MS Access database
MS Access MS Access data porting tool
MS Access Create three-architecture layer using Access
MS Access Backup, restore MS Access database
MS Access Get Excel file into grid, store data on Access database
MS Access Blank Access DB in two lines of VB code
MS Access Function to compact Access database
SQL Server Passing parameters to SQL Server stored procedures using VB .NET code -- NEW!
SQL Server Northwind Traders project with multiple SQL, MySQL connections -- NEW!
SQL Server ATL COM for MySQL5 client library
SQL Server SQL generator for Visual Basic and VBA
SQL Server SQL script to list table names, row counts of tables
SQL Server SQL database backup using SQLDMO object library in VB .NET
SQL Server Install binary PostgreSQL without the installer on Windows
SQL Server SQLite3 Enterprise Manager
SQL Server Saving images to SQL databases
SQL Server Export to Excel using SQL Query
SQL Server Backup, shrink database using VB code
SQL Server Search a database with SQL commands
SQL Server Open table in Access DB using SQL statement
SQL Server SQL Server front-end for admins
SQL Server Locate duplicates in SQL Server
SQL Server Edit Excel file in MSFlexGrid, import to SQL Server
Oracle Sample project for using VB .NET with Oracle 10g -- NEW!
Oracle VB .NET code for connecting to Oracle database -- NEW!
Oracle VB code for Oracle DB export using BatchFile
Oracle Administrate Oracle database through Visual Basic

For even more database programming downloads, check out our Top 50 enterprise software downloads, which debuted in the summer of 2005.

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