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These database programming downloads provide VB code related to exporting data, managing data and searching for data.

This feature highlights database programming downloads from sister site VBCode.com. Having added 14 new VB code downloads, the total list now exceeds 100. To make them easier to find, we have created several new categories and added a third page.

This page features downloads related to exporting data, managing data and searching for data.

For database programming downloads for creating applications and data-driven reports, visit VB code: Database programming downloads, page 1.

For database programming downloads related to ADO and to MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases, visit VB code: Database programming downloads, page 3.


Category Download Click on
Export Data Copy info from Access to Excel according to a specific RecordSet -- NEW!
Export Data VB .NET code to save a Word file in a SQL database -- NEW!
Export Data VB .NET code for using SQLBulkCopy method to transfer data -- NEW!
Export Data Export table structure from MS Access to SQLite using VB 6
Export Data Transfer data from SQL Server, MS Access to Excel
Export Data Save data to a text file in CSV format
Export Data Convert RecordSet to Excel file
Export Data VB code to create Excel file from XML file
Export Data Move data to/from Access, CVS, Excel
Export Data System for adding/removing data
Export Data Exporting large database records to Excel
Export Data Export Oracle tables to MS Access database
Manage Data VB .NET code for filtering data using DataView -- NEW!
Manage Data Connect to database using Jet OLE DB 4.0 -- NEW!
Manage Data VB .NET code for input/output parameters -- NEW!
Manage Data Using SQL code to perform a summation function -- NEW!
Manage Data Save data using IsolationLevel in Visual Basic .NET
Manage Data Use VB .NET to fill data Gridview using DataSet
Manage Data VB code for merging datasets
Manage Data Call global array throughout a VB project
Manage Data Create automatic log file
Manage Data Validate a database's null values
Manage Data Highlight, transfer focus of control
Manage Data Database software, tutorial update
Manage Data Get data with Data Reader, Data Commands
Manage Data VB code to insert multiple records
Manage Forms VB 6 code for a ListBox with save, load, search capabilities -- NEW!
Manage Forms Print display value of DataGridView control
Manage Forms Call data in a ComboBox
Manage Forms VB code to get the value of any field
Manage Forms Call up a ListIndex from ItemData
Manage Forms List data from a field in ComboBox
Manage Forms Search a ListBox while typing in a TextBox
Manage Forms Use ListBox with CheckBox style and more
Manage Forms VB code to fill any ComboBox
Manage Forms Read the ID field from any ComboBox
Manage Tables Delete thousands of data tables at a time
Manage Tables Use VB 6 code to delete a table
Manage Tables Add all records of a table to a Listview control
Manage Tables Simple VB code for fetching data from a table
Manage Tables Create a database with a table
Search for Data Database engine that supports SQL commands, multiple tables -- NEW!
Search for Data Search engine for searching records within a database -- NEW!
Search for Data App to search directory for images
Search for Data Verify that a file exists
Search for Data Searching a database with a date range

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