VB code: Data controls downloads

These VB code downloads let programmers control what goes into data boxes and how that information can be moved from one data box to another.

These VB code downloads let programmers control what goes into data boxes and how that information can be moved...

from one data box to another. Some are new to SearchVB.com, while others have been featured in different download categories. Since the snippets appeared in different places, we decided to pool them together and feature them on the same page.

(Updated Oct. 10, 2007 -- We have added five new snippets to this feature. These VB code downloads include a PictureBox that serves as a calendar and a MessageBox that is enhanced with glass effects.)

Category Download Click on
ComboBox Insert images in a ComboBox
ComboBox Call data in a ComboBox
ComboBox Match item in a ComboBox with entered text
ComboBox Copy values from one ComboBox to another
ComboBox VB code for enabling 'type ahead'
ComboBox Get ListIndex number from text in a ComboBox
ComboBox List data from a field in ComboBox
ComboBox VB code that will fill any ComboBox
ComboBox Read the ID field from any ComboBox
General Remove the excess blank line in a .txt file
General Type in TextBox, find info in ListBox
General Move any control to the center of a form
General Call up a ListIndex from ItemData
General Get the value of any field with given criteria
General Select what's in a TextBox or ComboBox
General Use ListBox to add something from a TextBox
ListBox Inverse selection in ListBox, ListView
ListBox VB code for a graphical ListBox
ListBox VB code to populate Listbox and remove items
ListBox Enter dates in a ListBox with calendar controls
ListBox Use ListBox with check box style and more
MessageBox Glass effect MessageBox written in VB .NET -- NEW!
MessageBox VB 6 code for a simple MessageBox -- NEW!
MessageBox Allow multiple lines in a MessageBox
MessageBox Call up IP address, display in a MessageBox
PictureBox VB 6 code to use a PictureBox as a calendar -- NEW!
PictureBox Send picture to PictureBox using VB 6 code
TextBox Make all characters in a TextBox uppercase -- NEW!
TextBox VB .NET code to display today's date in a TextBox -- NEW!
TextBox Save contents of TextBox to text file
TextBox Marquee text within a label
TextBox Display text file in a TextBox
TextBox VB code for enabling AutoComplete in TextBox
TextBox Restrict what goes in a TextBox #2
TextBox Restrict what goes in a TextBox #1
TextBox Apply text effects to TextBox, form
TextBox Change TextBox size using scroll bars
TextBox Move text from a TextBox or TextLabel caption
TextBox Search a list box while typing in a TextBox
TextBox Apply memo capabilities to a TextBox
TextBox VB code for applying font names to a TextBox
TextBox Clear hundreds of TextBoxes with little code
TextBox Use TextBox to display, clear a message
TextBox Allow only numbers in TextBox control

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This was last published in October 2007

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