Top Visual Basic code downloads of 2006

Here we highlight the 25 most popular downloads of 2006. There are numerous entries for enterprise, database and Web programming.

In this feature highlights the 25 most popular downloads from sister site in 2006. There are numerous entries for enterprise, database and Web programming, as well as a few entries for file manipulation and Windows operations. To see all the downloads we are featuring, go to our download table of contents.


# Category Name Click on
1 Enterprise Computerized hospital management system
2 Database Use MSFlexGrid and MSHFlexGrid
3 Enterprise VB error number and description
4 Enterprise How to ping an IP address using VB
5 Enterprise Connect to a database using VB6
6 Database Use Crystal Reports with MS Access
7 File manipulation Convert Excel to text from command line
8 Database Search table, display results in ListBox using ADODC
9 Enterprise MySQL Query Analyzer and more
10 Database Move data to/from Access, CVS, Excel
11 Internet Retrieve a remote MAC Address
12 Enterprise How to use FlexGrid Control
13 Enterprise Create Access Database using ADO
14 Database Export Oracle tables to MS Access database
15 Internet Get remote IP address
16 Internet Message box function for ASP.NET
17 Windows operations Hide Start button, system clock and Taskbar
18 System controls Send e-mail using Visual Basic
19 Windows operations Simple code to refresh Windows desktop
20 Enterprise Complete Access DataBase Sample
21 File manipulation Open, save .txt file
22 Internet Connect to remote computer, execute files on that PC
23 String manipulation Convert decimal to binary numbers
24 Enterprise Edit Excel file before importing data in SQL Server
25 Enterprise Database application with user levels


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