's Top 10 Downloads of Summer 2006

Here we offer fast access to the 10 most popular downloads on this July, August and September.

"Top 10 Downloads" is a quarterly feature in which offers fast access to the 10 most popular downloads. In this inaugural edition we link to this summer's reader favorites, which include a hospital management system, a MySQL Query Analyzer and a list of VB 6 error numbers and their meaning.

(Editor's note: Technically, this feature comprises the top 10 downloads from July, August and September, as calculated by site statistic metrics, but we much prefer "summer" to "Q3.")


# Download Click on
1 Hospital management system
2 Use MSFlexGrid and MSHFlexGrid
3 VB error number and description
4 How to ping an IP address using VB
5 Convert Excel to text from command line
6 Search database table, display results in ListBox using ADODC
7 Use Crystal Reports with MS Access
8 Import, export data to and from Access, CVS, Excel files
9 MySQL Query Analyzer and more
10 Connect to database using VB6

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