Recent downloads, May 2006

Here we highlight the latest downloads from, including TextBox controls, file management aids and a variety of security measures.

Here we offer a look at more than three dozen recent additions to

The downloads fit nicely into six of the main categories we have featured so far -- file manipulations, forms, Internet, string manipulations, security and Windows operations. You'll be able to find these new downloads in their corresponding charts as well. Since we found so many new bits of database code, you can find them on Page 1 and Page 2 of the database code downloads.


Category Download Click on
File Manipulation Read only hidden, archived files
File Manipulation Open Word document using VB
File Manipulation Create files and folders, write in the files
File Manipulation Save .tif file as a .pdf file
File Manipulation Search for ListView items, subitems
File Manipulation Simple way to open Control Panel files
File Manipulation Open, save .txt file
Forms Clear all values in a form
Forms Restrict what goes into a TextBox
Forms Copy values from one ComboBox to another
Forms Code to populate Listbox and remove items
Forms Change TextBox size using scrolls
Forms Enable, disable controls in a frame
Internet Bandwidth calculator
Internet Code for checking POP3 e-mail
Internet Web dev app w/wide range of file types
String Manipulation Code to alphabetize a string
String Manipulation Convert number to words
String Manipulation Load an entire text file into a TextBox
String Manipulation Call up the balance of a string
String Manipulation Swap any two characters within a string
String Manipulation Shift any substring within a string
System controls Match item in a ComboBox with entered text
System controls Control, database manipulation classes
System controls Use TreeView Control as a menu
System controls Change a font on a mouse scroll-over
Security Find IP address when given host name
Security Two ready-made log-in screens
Security Show IP address
Security Encode text before sending to another user
Security Two e-mail address validators
Security Use privileges in your application
Security Shut down, log off, reboot via a timer
Windows ops MS Word replica with browser inside app
Windows ops Open system information
Windows ops Create, execute VBA in Microsoft Word
Windows ops Basic autorun function

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