Recent downloads, December 2006

Here we highlight the latest downloads from, including TextBox controls, file management aids and a variety of security measures.

Here we offer a look at more than 60 recent additions to Top categories include graphics and file manipulation, which each had 10 new downloads.


Category Download Click on
File Manipulation Search all files in drives and directories
File Manipulation Convert any file to a binary file
File Manipulation Convert Excel file to html table
File Manipulation Export Excel file to MSFlexGrid
File Manipulation Load binary files into byte arrays and change them
File Manipulation Put all files in a folder into a single file
File Manipulation File status monitoring tool
File Manipulation Display text file in a TextBox
File Manipulation Open file to default editor, Web site to default browser
File Manipulation Use Windows API to copy, move, delete files
Forms Insert images in a ComboBox
Forms Create a round form
Forms Automatically resize controls when a form is resized
Forms Input labels on MSChart using Array
Forms Marquee text within a label
Forms Restrict what goes in a TextBox, part 2
Forms Convert MSFlexGrids using TextBox methodology
Forms Create a right-click drop-down menu
Forms Use controls on an MDI form in .NET
Graphics Convert image to array of bytes, add header
Graphics Program to turn timers on and off
Graphics Compare two pictures, graphics
Graphics Convert JPG or PNG file to an HTML file
Graphics Display time on title bar, not task bar
Graphics Make everything in a form transparent
Graphics Make caption in label control blink
Graphics Mixing two or more colors
Graphics Open and save pictures, create slideshow
Graphics Another picture viewer
Internet Display 'DNS error' when an IE page is not available
Internet Check for updates using Windows progress bar
Internet Open Windows XP firewall port
Internet Code for an Internet relay chat client
Internet Send email from Outlook without a warning message
Internet Obtain your IP by accessing remote Web site
Internet Code for a simple Web browser
Security Protect VB project on a CD from erasure
Security Simple encryption/decryption function
Security Encrypt, decrypt a file "fairly fast"
Security SKC encryption function
Security Email address validator
Security Random password generator
System controls App dev tool including SQLite3 class wrapper, encryption support
System controls Create dynamic controls, use their events
System controls Bind PictureBox to recordset
System controls Type in TextBox, find info in ListBox
System controls Export data from DBASE IV to Excel
System controls Highlight new record added to ListView
System controls Enable AutoComplete in TextBox
System controls Inverse the selection in ListBox or ListView
System controls Add task bar icons
String Manipulation Multiple file, Internet searches in same app
String Manipulation Break a string into parts with a delimiter
String Manipulation Binary converter
String Manipulation Reverse string
Windows ops Perform "Show Desktop" operation within VB
Windows ops Search text using Ctrl+F
Windows ops Virtual keyboard that can force keys using a modular file
Windows ops Technique for "Search Queue-like" effect without any API
Windows ops Get drive, disk and directory info
Windows ops Use Windows API to copy, move, delete files
Windows ops Keep files backed up in three locations
Windows ops Add reference to Script Runtime, Script host object

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