Recent downloads, December 2005

Here we offer the latest downloads from Highlights include a set of security validators, an accounting application and a message box function for ASP.NET.

We end 2005 with a look at more than 20 recent additions to In industry terms, these were posted Q4 and are GA.

The downloads fit nicely into the six main categories we have featured so far -- database, security, Internet, forms, file manipulations and Windows operations. You'll be able to find these new downloads in their corresponding charts as well.


Category Download Click on
Database Calculate an employee's time in, time out, etc.
Database Help with creating Crystal Reports
Database Save app to database, open it when needed
Database Code to create accounting application
Database Complete trader application
Database Address book suitable for a college/university
Database Simple Notepad-like application
Security Simple code generator
Security Set application's termination date
Security ASP.NET script for finding IP location
Security Code to create log-in window
Security Five security validators
Internet Message box function for ASP.NET
Internet Get system IP address with one line of code
Internet Code for a bulk e-mail sender
Forms Dragging a form without a control box
Forms Keep a form on the top of a screen
Forms Apply memo capabilities to a TextBox
File manipulation Print selected portion of a large text file
File manipulation Code for a file system lister
Windows ops Print using custom page sizes
Windows ops End currently running program

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