.NET development in the trenches

Here we highlight user stories of application migrations, upgrades and other projects tha use emerging technology like ASP.NET AJAX and .NET 3.0.

As frameworks like .NET 3.0 and ASP.NET AJAX garner both attention and traction, developers are increasingly interested in learning how to use them in their own applications. This page highlights SearchVB.com's user stories, which offer a look into application upgrades, discuss the new features that appealed to developers and end users, and outline the benefits and costs of making the upgrade. Be sure to return here frequently, as new user profiles will be appearing on a regular basis.

Silverlight 1.1 case study: Carbon Calculator
Summary: One of the Web's first Silverlight 1.1 applications is a carbon calculator built for Conservation International. The app's developer told his tale at ReMIX07 Boston, sharing thoughts on what worked well -- like XAML, LINQ and designer-developer workflow -- and what was a challenge -- like building controls from scratch.

AOL turns to Silverlight for mail gadget in Vista
Thanks to Silverlight, the AOL Social Mail Gadget squeezes multiple animations into a 130-pixel-wide gadget in the Windows Vista sidebar. Oh, and it was developed in four weeks.

Silverlight's shine seen in video editing application
Top Banana, Metaliq's video editing app, was built in a month using Silverlight and Expression and takes up less than 50K, the company CEO said at MIX07.

Case Study: IdeaBlade DevForce object mapping
A CTO employed IdeaBlade DevForce 3.0 ORM tools in a .NET 2.0 application using C# in order to achieve better abstraction in a software architecture.

SharePoint 2007 development case study: Glu Mobile
To demonstrate what kinds of Web apps are possible with SharePoint 2007, the SharePoint team has posted a three-part case study on Glu Mobile, maker of games for phones.

Firm taps Windows Workflow Foundation to give customers more control
Remend, the maker of mortgage servicing default management software completely revamps its app from J2EE to .NET delivered as a service.

Microsoft's WCF helps Dollar Thrifty at the rental counter
The car rental company is rearchitecting a legacy application in .NET using Windows Communication Foundation without dramatically changing its code base.

Case study: Microsoft WPF connects researchers to their 3D world
The Scripps Research Institute's new collaboration application utilizes prerelease versions of Microsoft Vista, Windows Presentation Foundation, and SharePoint Server 2007.

Views on building .NET smart clients
Smart clients blend traits of traditional desktops with browser technology. Windows developers can use new tools to create variations on these themes, as these two user stories demonstrate.

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