Database programming downloads from

In this feature, highlights database downloads from our sister site,

In this feature, highlights database downloads from our sister site, This chart is the first in a series that will include downloads related to program security, graphics, controls and string manipulation.


Category Download Click on
ADO Obtain table names from an ADODC connection
ADO TextBox AutoComplete based on ADO RecordSet
ADO Search table, display results in ListBox
ADO Add items to list, connect to database
ADO Use Array fields, ADODC to insert data
ADO Sub that easily creates parameter objects
Application Car parking system app in Visual Basic 6 -- NEW!
Application Employee daily time record system in Visual Basic 6 -- NEW!
Application Embedded database app with VB6, SQLite3 Engine
Application Text database without dependencies
Application Complete department store management system
Application Guestbook app that runs on local PC
Application VB code for two library management programs
Application Demo for a banking system
Application App w/TreeView, ListView, MSDE 2000
Application ApexGrid, MSFlexGrid, MSHFlexGrid demo
Application Full source of service program
Application App to search directory for images
Application Currency converter w/password check
Application Save app to database, open it when needed
Application VB code to create accounting application
Application Complete trader application
Application Address book suitable for a college/university
Application Simple Notepad-like application
Application Database application designed for a bank
Application Simple banking application ideal for beginners
Application Database for password-protected applications
Application Use MSFlexGrid and MSHFlexGrid
Application Run application from database
Application Save and launch application from database
Application User-friendly address book
Data Boxes Print display value of DataGridView control
Data Boxes Call data in a ComboBox
Data Boxes VB code to get the value of any field
Data Boxes Call up a ListIndex from ItemData
Data Boxes List data from a field in ComboBox
Data Boxes Search a list box while typing in a text box
Data Boxes Use LisxBox with check box style and more
Data Boxes VB code to fill any ComboBox
Data Boxes Read the ID field from any ComboBox
Data Reports Use VB 6 code to create data reports w/o third-party software -- NEW!
Data Reports Parameter passing with Crystal Reports in .NET 2.0 -- NEW!
Data Reports VB code to create data report as .txt file
Data Reports Help with creating Crystal Reports
Data Reports Use Crystal Reports with MS Access


Category Download Click on
Exporting Data Export table structure from MS Access to SQLite using VB 6 -- NEW!
Exporting Data Transfer data from SQL Server, MS Access to Excel
Exporting Data Save data to a text file in CSV format
Exporting Data Convert RecordSet to Excel file
Exporting Data VB code to create Excel file from XML file
Exporting Data Move data to/from Access, CVS, Excel
Exporting Data System for adding/removing data
Exporting Data Exporting large database records to Excel
Exporting Data VB code for Oracle DB export using BatchFile
Exporting Data Export Oracle tables to MS Access database
Managing Data Save data using IsolationLevel in Visual Basic .NET -- NEW!
Managing Data Use VB .NET to fill data Gridview using DataSet -- NEW!
Managing Data Delete thousands of data tables at a time
Managing Data VB code for merging datasets
Managing Data Administrate Oracle database through Visual Basic
Managing Data Call global array throughout a VB project
Managing Data Create automatic log file
Managing Data Verify that a file exists
Managing Data Validate a database's null values
Managing Data Use VB 6 code to delete a table
Managing Data Highlight, transfer focus of control
Managing Data Database software, tutorial update
Managing Data Calculate an employee's time in, time out, etc.
Managing Data Create VB6 project in less than a minute
Managing Data Add all records of a table to a Listview control
Managing Data Library database management program
Managing Data Simple VB code for fetching data from a table
Managing Data Create a database with a table
Managing Data Get data with Data Reader, Data Commands
Managing Data VB code to insert multiple records
Managing Data Searching a database with a date range
MS Access VB .NET code to remove all tables from MS Access database -- NEW!
MS Access MS Access data porting tool
MS Access Create three-architecture layer using Access
MS Access Backup, restore MS Access database
MS Access Get Excel file into grid, store data on Access database
MS Access Blank Access DB in two lines of VB code
MS Access Function to compact Access database
SQL Server ATL COM for MySQL5 client library -- NEW!
SQL Server SQL generator for Visual Basic and VBA -- NEW!
SQL Server SQL script to list table names, row counts of tables -- NEW!
SQL Server SQL database backup using SQLDMO object library in VB .NET -- NEW!
SQL Server Install binary PostgreSQL without the installer on Windows -- NEW!
SQL Server SQLite3 Enterprise Manager
SQL Server Saving images to SQL databases
SQL Server Export to Excel using SQL Query
SQL Server Backup, shrink database using VB code
SQL Server Search a database with SQL commands
SQL Server Open table in Access DB using SQL statement
SQL Server SQL Server front-end for admins
SQL Server Locate duplicates in SQL Server
SQL Server Edit Excel file in MSFlexGrid, import to SQL Server

For even more database downloads, check out our Top 50 enterprise software downloads, which debuted in the summer of 2005.

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