Visual InterDev

Visual InterDev is Microsoft's development tool for building a dynamic, data-driven Web site. Whereas Microsoft's FrontPage is an HTML editor aimed at letting non-programmers build the pages for a Web site, Visual InterDev provides the tools for programmers to build a Web site. (FrontPage and Visual InterDev are said to be compatible.) Visual InterDev offers a user interface similar to those for Visual Basic, Visual J++, and Visual Studio. Using Visual InterDev, one can assemble pages that use Microsoft's ActiveX technologies, including Active Server Page (ASP) technology. The developer can build and insert ActiveX control or Java applets. Visual InterDev includes an HTML editor and support for dynamic HTML. The Web site can be integrated with server programs written in any language and access to almost any database using Microsoft's Universal Data Access, including ActiveX Data Objects, Open Database Connectivity, and OLE DB.
This was last updated in April 2006

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