GLib is a utility library that can simplify programming in C, especially for projects involving the languages GNOME and GTK+. Many programmers believe that the utility functions in GLib are more consistent than those in C. Some software developers find that GLib allows them to create new applications more quickly than they can by working directly in C.

Programming in GLib does not require restriction of code to subsets that work on all platforms, as is often the case when programming in C. Functionality remains consistent over multiple operating systems, assuming all the non-GLib source code is consistent over those same platforms. GLib provides main loop functionality and includes a basic lexical analyzer. There are interfaces for dynamic loading, threads, event loops and an object system. The most recent version is known as GLib2 or GLib-2. GLib is available for most common operating systems including Linux, Windows and OS X.

This was last updated in June 2008

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