• March 29, 2006 29 Mar'06

    Windows and open source: Q&A with Miguel De Icaza

    Miguel De Icaza has been a major mover of Mono, the open-source framework for .NET since the get-go. These days he shepherds along Mono from within Novell Inc. At Novell's BrainShare conference in 2006, he discussed the latest doings with writer ...  Continue Reading

  • March 27, 2006 27 Mar'06

    Mashing: It's not just for potatoes any more

    The latest Web development trend is the mashup, which combines APIs from a variety of sites to offer a service. The process should be no mystery to VBers who remember bringing controls into their code.  Continue Reading

  • March 27, 2006 27 Mar'06

    Another side of VB migration

    Claudio Perrone of InnerWorkings discusses different ways to look at software and skills migration when taking on .NET. You need to know your ASP, and get some feel for object orientation. Also be sure and ask why you should migrate in the first ...  Continue Reading

  • March 23, 2006 23 Mar'06

    Licensed enterprises will see Vista in November

    Microsoft customers with Enterprise agreements will get Vista bits in November. Everyone else will have to wait until January.  Continue Reading

  • March 22, 2006 22 Mar'06

    MIX06: Microsoft covers browsers and beyond with new framework

    At MIX06, Microsoft showed developers Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps that ranged beyond the Web browser to include mobile devices and widescreen TV. The new WPF APIs represent the company's attempt to speed application deployment of user...  Continue Reading

  • March 21, 2006 21 Mar'06

    ASP.NET AJAX Mini-Guide

    How will the growing interest in AJAX and the Web 2.0 movement impact you as a Microsoft developer? In a word, it's called Atlas. Microsoft Atlas is a new ASP.NET AJAX framework that simplifies and extends the AJAX development approach. Find out how...  Continue Reading

  • March 21, 2006 21 Mar'06

    Micosoft's Code Snippet Editor for VB 2005

    Code snippets possess neither formal methodology nor classification schemes, but they are nonetheless a popular part of the VB world. Microsoft offers a handy Code Snippet Editor for VB 2005 for developers who want to create, edit and test VB ...  Continue Reading