• September 25, 2001 25 Sep'01

    7. Retrieve Access 97 Password

    This code demonstrates how to retrieve an Access 97 password.  Continue Reading

  • September 25, 2001 25 Sep'01

    9. Permutations of 6 Characters

    This is my latest code for permutations of 6 characters. For best result use different numbers such as 123456. An option to clear duplicates for permutations of numbers such as 8331 which gives 12 permutations instead of 24. Includes the ability to ...  Continue Reading

  • September 25, 2001 25 Sep'01

    10. Graphing Database Records

    Make a graph from database records and either send it to a printer directly, selecting many print options, or copy it in any file on disk. This project also provides a print preview option for A4 size paper and you can set your graph anywhere on the...  Continue Reading

  • September 07, 2001 07 Sep'01

    Product Brief: Cape Clear CapeConnect

    Do you want to expose your existing business logic and components as Web services, but aren't an XML or SOAP guru? CapeConnect Two for J2EE is a complete platform that provides automatic creation of Web services without the need to modify existing ...  Continue Reading