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Would you recommend using .NET with Win98 and NT4 and limited disk space?

I am evaluating software companies' proposals for a client application to be developed for the United Nations. Some of these companies propose a .NET client application. As many users will be in African countries, they are not likely to have Windows 2000 or later. At the best, they'll have Windows NT, Windows 98, etc. They are also usually short on disk space. Is the .NET Framework light and easy to install on Windows 98 and NT4? Can it be configured to be as light as possible?
The .NET Framework will run on Windows 98 and up. It also takes approximately 20 MB of disk space. Even with the extra disk space, I'd recommend you consider the proposals that use .NET. The main reason being that .NET is easier to develop for than VB6 or C++ so you'll have a better chance of hitting the contact targets and keeping the projects within budget.

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