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Why do my VB.NET apps consume so much of my system resources?

Why do my VB.NET applications consume so much of my system resources? I've kicked out all unused namespaces (declared the rest to the last possible segment) and generally cleaned up a lot of code on many apps that are all under 100K, yet they take up more memory (about 18,000 KB each) than anything else running! Is there some kind of VB6-.NET common mistake I could be making, or is this a "feature" of .NET?
You're doing everything right. The runtime for VB6 was relatively small, but the runtime to .NET is a larger. Considering that we're now getting a real API on to of the Internet portions, excellent database support, real XML support, full garbage collection and excellent crash protection, the runtime has to be larger. I, for one, am willing to put up with the extra runtime size for all of that new help.

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