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Which is better for rewriting an Access 97 app --- VB.NET or C#?

I am about to rewrite an Access 97 application into a more suitable commercial application. What is the best suited language -- VB.NET or C# .NET -- for long term? I am a beginner in both VB.NET and C# .NET, so I will be using this project to become better at the chosen language.
In the big scheme of things, there's very little difference between C# and VB.NET. The important thing in the .NET world is the Base Class Library (BCL). That's the heart of .NET and neither language is anything without them. If I had to pin it down to a number I'd say there's only a 2% difference between the languages. I personally swap between the languages on different projects. I guess it all comes down to if you like putting semicolons at the end of your source lines. Just pick whichever feels more comfortable to you and have fun!

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