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What topics are covered by the MCSD Visual Basic examinations?

Sir, I would like to know more about the MCSD Visual Basic examinations. What are the topics covered and what exams should I take first? When will the syllabus for MCSD change and other such information.

You can find out about any exam or track requirements by visiting the

Microsoft's MCP page

The syllabus won't change for the current MCSD track, so up-to-date study material should take you far. Personally, I would recommend that you take the Visual Basic (or C++ exams) before taking Solutions Architecture, as the Solutions Architecture exam is generally considered much more difficult.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Transcender prep test for Solutions Architecture - it will help you out immensely. I'm not sure what to recommend for reading on the C++ side, but if you're looking for good information on the Visual Basic exams, you might want to check out my book MCSD In a Nutshell.

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