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What template do I choose in the New Project window to create console-based programs?

I am a beginning programmer learning how to write in C++. I just installed Visual Studio .NET 2003 on my home computer. HELP! I'm overwhelmed by the jargon, terms, etc. I have a book that says all the program examples are console-based programs, not Windows-based programs. OK, what template do I choose in the New Project window so that I can create console based programs?
First choose File, New, Project. This brings up the New Project dialog. Select Visual C++ Projects in the Project Types tree control. Scroll down in the Templates list until you find Win32 Console Project. In the Name edit control, type the name you want to assign the project. Finally, press the OK button. In the Win32 Application Wizard dialog that pops up, you can press the Finish button as you'll be all set.

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