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What databases are supported in SQLXML?

I attended your webcast on "XML for the Enterprise" but couldn't get the "Ask a Question" sub-window to receive my question. In your talk, you said that XML is increasing DB native support (e.g. SQLXML package). My question is, what specific databases are directly supported (not thru an external driver like ODBC) e.g. Oracle? SQLServer? mySQL?
Platform: Win2000, WinXP
SQLXML supports only SQLServer. SQLServer, Oracle and DB2 have native support for XML too, although I don't know what their APIs look like. Probably they would implement an ExecuteXmlReader method somehow. By native support I mean you can store XML in a single field, and have additional semantics on it, such as indexing, querying, well-formedness checks, and so on. The proposed ANSI SQL-2003 standard includes the XML datatype: http://www.wiscorp.com/sql/SQL2003Features.pdf. The way that native support is exposed through .NET APIs depends on the specific ADO.NET data provider. The SqlClient provider exposes the ExecuteXmlReader method I mentioned.

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