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Visual Studio .NET's interaction with SourceSafe

Let me apologize if this question was posted already. I couldn't find it though. I was wondering if you can explain why it takes so long to get the latest source file from SourceSafe using Visual Studio .NET? Even though the file is only 20 KB small, it takes forever. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes. Can you give me some insight as to the mechanics of how VS.NET and SourceSafe interact? I can assume it depends on network bandwidth, but what is it actually doing....? Any information or direction is greatly appreciated. If I understood more, I don't think I would be so frustrated.
The Visual Studio .NET and SourceSafe integration are horrible and, in my opinion, is a bug waiting to destroy your and your work. It's so bad that I strongly recommend that you do not use it. SourceSafe comes with a perfectly adequate tool called SourceSafe Explorer. Not only is it thousands of times faster than the horrible integration, it's far less buggy.

The first thing I do after installing Visual Studio is to remove the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSourceCodeControlProvider to break any possible integration. Yes, it's drastic, but it's the only safe way I've found to avoid it. If you've already got projects that are using SourceSafe integration, you're in for some pain. There's no easy way to excise the integration other than manually editing your solutions and project files to remove any reference to SourceSafe. The solutions files aren't so bad as they're easy to find, but with the projects you'll have to ensure you delete the complete elements in the XML file.

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