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Using VS.NET to develop with ACT database

How do I (or can I) use Visual Studio.NET to develop with my ACT Version 6 Database? I am a newcomer and still trying hard to grasp the concepts of .NET. Would you please give me some suggestions on how to get started?
I'm not familiar with what ACT provides as a means for accessing their database, but unless it's and ODBC or OleDB interface, you aren't going to have much luck unless ACT supplies a managed or native interface. If there is an ODBC or OleDB interface, you can create an ODBC or OleDB Data Adapter in .NET to access the database. If you are new to .NET programming and are going to be using databases of any kind, I'd recommend starting with Jeffrey Richter's book, "Applied Microsoft .NET Programming" and David Sceppa's book, "Microsoft ADO.NET"

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